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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which OS does Mail Studio run on?

    Mail Studio is a desktop application which can be installed on Windows (8 and 10), macOS (10.11 and later) and Linux (any recent Linux distro). Chrome OS is not supported.

    Does Mail Studio run offline?

    Yes, Mail Studio is a desktop application and can run fully offline. You only need an internet connection for cloud features like sending email previews, storing your designs in the cloud and sharing components with your team.

    Where can I download the app?

    You can download Mail Studio from our releases page.

    Mail Studio doesn't start after I click the icon.

    If you are using Windows and Mail Studio refuses to start, make sure that your antivirus system isn't blocking the app by mistake.

    Which email clients are supported?

    While developing Mail Studio, we test the code it generates in all major email clients. This includes popular webmail providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook (+others), Android and iOS mobile apps like Apple Mail, Gmail (+others) and desktop apps like Thunderbird, Outlook 2007 and later (+others). If you run into issues or bugs, reach out to us to investigate.

    Which Outlook versions do you support?

    We support Outlook 2007 and later, including the Windows 10 Mail app, which shares the same rendering engine. We don't support Outlook 2003 or earlier, but your email designs should largely work ok there.

    The difference between a supported and an unsupported client is that we don't test and won't be implementing fixes in Mail Studio for unsupported ones.

    How does responsiveness work in Outlook?

    Your designs will appear as fixed to a 680px width when viewed in Outlook. That family of clients doesn't support media queries, which makes it impossible to achieve responsiveness. But since Outlook is only used on desktop, this is an acceptable compromise.

    We have a detailed guide on designing for Outlook which you can read on our help site.

    Why is Mail Studio desktop-first and not mobile-first?

    We would have liked Mail Studio to be mobile-first too, since this is the established approach in web development. But the fact that media queries are not supported in many email clients means that a mobile first design would be stuck in the mobile view for a lot of desktop users. Email clients evolve, albeit slowly, so hopefully we will be able to switch to mobile-first in the future.

    You can read more in our guide on designing responsive email.

    What are the limits of the free version?

    The free edition of Mail Studio can be used only for non-commercial projects (those which do not directly or indirectly lead to a monetary benefit to you or your business). It also doesn't get access to cloud features like sending email previews, storing your designs in the cloud and sharing components with your team. If you need any of these, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans.

    What does "non-commercial" mean?

    Non-commercial use under our license terms is any use which does not directly or indirectly result in a monetary benefit to you or your business. You can check out our license terms for more details.

    Can I import an existing email design?

    Yes, it is possible. You can import images, CSS and HTML files into the app. Just drag and drop them in, or choose the File > Import option. However there is one major limitation for externally created HTML - it can only be edited as code (you won't be able to edit it via drag and drop).

    Can I import a theme or template that I've purchased?

    If you've purchased an email theme/template you can import it in Mail Studio. The only limitation is that drag/drop isn't available, you will only be able to edit your theme as HTML.

    Which language is Mail Studio in?

    The interface of our program is only available in English at the moment. No other languages are supported for the interface. But you can create email designs in any language, and the app supports spellchecking for over a hundred languages.

    How are updates delivered?

    We have built an advanced update system into Mail Studio. It checks for updates periodically when you are online and downloads them in the background. Then, the next time you start the program, you will be running the latest version automatically. Even though you need to be online to receive updates, Mail Studio doesn't require an internet connection to function and can be used completely offline.

    How can I reinstall Mail Studio?

    If you've run into issues and need to reinstall Mail Studio, you can do it by following the steps in this guide. Most of the time resetting the app to a fresh state is enough, so there is no need for a full uninstall.