Mail Studio helps you design beautiful responsive emails that work everywhere. Here are a few highlights of what it can do.

# Design

Visual Editing

Build beautiful emails visually, with drag and drop. Design for desktop and mobile from one easy to use UI, and let Mail Studio handle all the code and cross-device compatibility.

Component Library

The app comes with a rich library of components, from headings and paragraphs all the way to dynamic components like Navbars and Accordions. You can even create your own.

Beautiful Templates

Get started with our responsive email templates. They look great and work everywhere. Creating your own templates is also supported.

Responsive and Compatible

The designs that you create in Mail Studio are compatible with everything from iOS Mail to Outlook 2007. They are also responsive by default and adapt to any screen size.

Email Previews

Quickly preview your design on real devices or share it with your team by sending it as an email message.

Vector Icons

Choose from a large collection of easy to customize SVG icons. When exporting, they can be converted to PNG automatically for greater compatibility.


Mail Studio's Google Fonts integration gives you over 1000 families to spice up your email design with. If this is not enough you can import custom fonts as well.

# Development

Advanced CSS Editor

If you like writing code, you will love Mail Studio's CSS editor. You get autocomplete, support for CSS variables (custom props) and media queries.

SASS Support

The app comes with built-in SASS support, so you can just write code and have it automatically compile, without having to set up anything.

Write HTML

If you need to, you can edit parts of your designs as HTML code with no restrictions.

Command Palette

Mail Studio's command palette gives you a keyboard friendly way to do almost anything in the app, from navigating your project to inserting components with an emmet-like syntax.

External Editors

You can link Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, IntelliJ, Vim and other editors, and get your code synced with Mail Studio.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The application supports a large number of keyboard shortcuts that let you do more and touch the mouse less.

# Collaboration

Cloud Save

You can save and open designs from your local hard drive and work fully offline. If you choose to, you can also store your designs in the cloud, where they are securely backed up and available to your entire team.

Custom Templates

Turn email designs into templates that are available in the New Design dialog, and accessible to your team.

Team Components

Share frequently used pieces of design with your team, and build a UI component library together.

ESP Integration

Connect Mail Studio to email service providers like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Sendgrid, and upload your designs automatically on every save.

# Coming Soon

Figma Integration

Import Figma designs in Mail Studio and get a ready to use responsive email. Still in the planning stage and feedback is welcome.