Terms of Service

This website (mailstudio.app), and the downloadable software application (Mail Studio) are products of Zine EOOD, registered at Dunavski Lebed 7, Varna, Bulgaria, referred to as "we" in this document. The term "you" refers to the user of the software or viewer of our website.

The terms on this page govern Zine EOOD's relationship with you in relation to the website and software. Your usage of our website or software equates to agreement to these terms.

We may update this document occasionally. We will give advance notice to our registered users in case of major changes. The date of the last update is indicated at the bottom.

Section 1
License Grant and Ownership

[1] A non-commercial project is a Mail Studio created design which does not directly or indirectly lead to a monetary benefit to the creator.

[2] A commercial project is any Mail Studio created design, which leads to a direct or indirect monetary benefit to the creator.

Section 2
Accounts and Fees

[3] A Team is a group of users that is created in the mailstudio.app website. You are required to create a Team for the service to function, even if only a single individual will be part of it.

Section 3
Disclaimer of Warranties

Section 4
Liability and Indemnification

Section 5

Section 6
Information on Our Website

Last change — January 2021